Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Prank Jonah Hill By Pretending To Be An Annoying Fan

Senior Pop Culture Editor

We haven’t heard from Leonardo DiCaprio much since he completed his life’s mission and won an Academy Award. His step brother ran from the police, his Russian doppelgänger appeared in a vodka commercial, and he’s no longer able to do his favorite activity that doesn’t involve having sex with 21-year-old supermodels — vaping on an airplane — but other than that, Leo’s been quiet. He doesn’t even have a next role lined up. So what’s Mr. DiCaprio been up to?

Pranking Jonah Hill, mostly.

DiCaprio was caught on camera joking around with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star and Titanic reenactor by pretending to be an overzealous fan taking intrusive photos. Or in the words of the “dicaprihoes” Instagram account:

All the photos and videos from this day made my day 😂😂 [1.8.16] New York . Leo scares Jonah hill + Leo has such a cute distinctive walk 😂😍 [ added the vids together ] I want a hug from Leo #leonardodicaprio #leo #leonardo #dicaprio #newyork #nyc #friends #wolfofwallstreet #funny #paparazzi #jonahhill #friends #mcm #mce #mancrush (Via)

I bet not a day goes by where DiCaprio doesn’t meet Hill to say, “Being nominated for an Oscar isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? Winning an Oscar.” He then rides off into the sunset on the back of a bear.

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