LexCorp Issues A Statement About Luthor’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Antics

There are days where you really feel for the PR departments of companies with awful CEOs. These are people who just want to send out press releases about charity donations and make cheery videos, and suddenly they’re stuck trying to explain how their boss’ boss’ boss has a completely innocent reason for being caught in that motel room with no pants. So imagine how LexCorp’s PR department must feel after the disaster Lex triggered in Batman V Superman.

You don’t have to! Courtesy of Instagram, LexCorp has released a statement with a few spoilers in it, so view at your own risk.

Why, precisely, he was being interviewed by his own company, and why, exactly, he’s still so obsessed with bells is open for debate. Although it’s pretty hard not to read that line as a set-up for Justice League, which starts filming in less than a month with a lighter tone, and which DC is already setting up with deleted scenes. Of course, the big question is what will happen to the nascent team being that — spoiler — they lack a Superman to take all the hits, and how a jailed Lex will fit in with all this, but we’ll find out in November 2017.

(Via Instagram)

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