Liam Neeson Wants To Endorse Your Particular Set Of Skills On LinkedIn

How serious are 20th Century Fox and Liam Neeson about getting you to see Taken 3, or Tak3n as hip marketing people are calling it? Serious enough that they’re turning to LinkedIn for help. That’s right, the “social networking” site that people sign up for to hope that their dream jobs randomly find them has teamed up with Neeson and Taken 3 for what is actually a pretty clever marketing idea. Basically, one lucky LinkedIn user is going to be able to add a one-of-a-kind video to his or her profile, as Neeson will record a specialized endorsement in character as Bryan Mills from the hilariously neverending Taken franchise.

Let’s allow Neeson, I mean Mills to explain it himself…

Now here’s where things get really complicated. According to that link, you have to follow this very specific set of steps in order to qualify for this contest:

1. Have a LinkedIn account.
2. Click “follow” on the Taken 3 page.
3. Sit back and hope that your name is randomly picked from all of the people who have completed the first two steps.

While it doesn’t help your chances, you can also be like one of the people leaving “clever” comments on the updates, but that requires being on LinkedIn for more than two minutes. I’d rather spend that time watching this clip from Taken 3 and laughing hysterically at the fact that they’ve made three of these wonderful movies already.