Lin-Manuel Miranda Gave Fans The Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Oscars Luncheon That Everyone Needed

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one Best Original Song win away from being the youngest artist to EGOT in history, but that doesn’t mean he’s letting it get to his head. During Monday’s Oscars Nominees Luncheon in California, Miranda found himself surrounded with most of the other Oscar nominees from this year and boy was he ready to mingle and have a great time. The multi-hyphenate lyrical genius flew all the way to the luncheon from England where he is still living while filming the Mary Poppins sequel, and based on his tweets from the event that jet lag probably played a huge role in how loopy and happy he was throughout the entire thing.

For those who don’t know, the annual luncheon in advance of the official ceremony is basically just an opportunity for everyone up for an Academy Award that year to dress up, look cute, and mingle with other nominees without it being a pandering campaign stop for anybody. Then all the actors, actresses, directors, writers, costume designers, and everybody else that works to make movies as great as they are take a huge group photo that looks like the most well-organized yearbook photo ever.

Lin gave fans the chance to see a few behind the scenes moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

First, he took a picture of he and his plus-one (Mama Miranda of course) absolutely beaming before the event got underway. Lin may be the only person who you can say “just happy to be here” is the truth on Oscar night.

Then he posted a picture of the “Oscars pool floaties” which couldn’t be fully enjoyed because of the rain, but were still a nice touch.

Of course, it’s not a fancy lunch in Hollywood without someone swooning over Viggo Mortensen.

Which is more attractive? Pharrell or the big gold statue butt? Hate to say it Pharrell but the statue might take the victory here by a hair.

Finally, Lin proved that being a celebrity is everything it’s cracked up to be thanks to a fun photo with Matt Damon and Natalie Portman. Portman can’t even drink at these endless awards season events so it’s basically a small miracle she looks this happy.

After this behind the scenes tweet storm not only should everyone want to be best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda, they should want to be best friends with him during a year he’s nominated for an Oscar so that you can be the plus-one to the luncheon and hang out with all these celebrities as well.