How Lindsay Lohan’s Sharon Tate Homage Shows The Unsavory Side Of Social Media

Famed serial killer Charles Manson turned 81 years old on Thursday, and chronically troubled actress Lindsay Lohan chose to celebrate the occasion in an inauspicious way. The night began like many other Lohan evenings in London. The social media addict got all gussied up and snapped an Instagram photo for her audience. As Lohan’s lack of judgment would have it, she happened to be dressed up as Manson victim Sharon Tate. Is this a leftover Halloween photo, or did Lohan realize what she was doing? Planning such an outfit requires forethought, and she took care to label her image with an “I LOVE SHARON TATE.”

Lohan’s Photoshop addiction may also be at work in this image. The curtains look a little “off” in the background, although this isn’t as egregious of an effort as Lohan’s other digital manipulations. The real issue here is the Manson homage. Lohan’s Instagram commenters reacted by labeling her as “officially a hopeless loser” and “a disgusting trashbag.” Some credit goes to Lohan for not letting comments bother her, but she may not even read them.

Twitter also did not enjoy this Manson-themed selfie and let loose:

Some people are making light of the situation. Nice work, Internet.

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