Lindsay Lohan Strangely Pops Up In The Trailer For A Werewolf-War Movie, ‘Among The Shadows’

Meryl Streep once heaped praise upon Lindsay Lohan as an actress. The year was 2006, and the Oscar-winner was playing the already seasoned tabloid staple’s mother in Robert Altman’s swan song, Prairie Home Companion. “She’s in command of the art form,” Streep told W. “Whatever acting is, I don’t know what it is, she’s in command of it. I think she could do anything she puts her mind to.”

We dig Streeps’ quote up not to shame the Lindsay Lohan of 13 years later, who we now know, thanks to Vulture, is doing a low-budget werewolf war movie. We do it to say that some of us believe, perhaps fruitlessly, that the Lohan comeback may still happen, one day, perhaps.

But for now, here’s the new trailer for Among the Shadows, in which Lohan doesn’t even star, despite being all over the poster. In fact, you have to get to the end of the ad to see that she’s given an “and Lindsay Lohan” credit, after 10 randos like Jean-Michel Vovk and Peter Organ.

The lead is one Charlotte Beckett, a vet of two Penny Dreadful episodes who plays some kind of ass-kicking operative hired by Lohan to save her husband, who is “the president.” Of which country? Unclear, though the film was shot in Belgium, clearly standing in for Romania or another Eastern European location that typically plays home to cash-strapped genre productions like this. Lohan’s spouse — again, a president — is being attacked by people with bright yellow eyes, who one can safely assume are werewolves.

Maybe Lohan is okay in it? She deserves a break, even if much of her low-points are of her own doing, from almost kidnapping kids in Russia to seemingly drunk-dancing in Mykonos. Perhaps that Mean Girls sequel idea she floated is the ticket. Or maybe just reunite her with Meryl Streep. For now she’s hanging with lycans in Europe, which honestly sounds like a fun way to make a couple bucks. You’ll get to see how that turned out on March 5.