Lindsay Lohan’s London West End Debut Of Speed-The-Plow Didn’t Go So Great

Lindsay Lohan made her much-hyped West End debut last night with David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow. And given the amount of audience laughter she drew from the performance, I would say it was a rousing success. That is what I would say if the play were a comedy, anyway, which it was not.

Instead everyone just laughed the whole time because Lindsay couldn’t remember her lines, which had even been conveniently written in her stage prop book for her. OH LINDSAY! (Cue canned studio audience laughter.)

After her first audible prompt, which came shortly after the interval, the audience sat patiently. The second led to titters in the stalls. Unfortunately for Lohan, the next line delivered by Richard Schiff (Toby from The West Wing) was: “You have done a fantastic job!”

Although she was sitting staring at a book, which may or may not have contained clues, a third prompt from the wings had Lohan smirking, and she raised her hand to her heart apologetically. By now, even her serious lines were being greeted with laughter. “I know what it is to be bad, I’ve been bad,” her character Karen emotes. More laughter.

Early Twitter reviews have not been kind:

On the plus side, she showed up and as far as I know the performance started on time, which is most of the uphill battle when it comes to working with Lindsay Lohan — so she should at least get one of those participation awards the millennials are so fond of for that. Really, as long as she can continue to show up and be there on time, whatever happens on stage is inconsequential.

(Via The Daily Beast)