Lionsgate Eyes A ‘John Wick’ Cinematic Universe With The Potential Spin-Off ‘Ballerina’

Not all cinematic universes are built equal (howdy Universal’s Dark Universe!), but you certainly can’t blame a studio for taking a swing at creating an expanding world of their own. Especially if its early offerings have been works of death-dealing art.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that Lionsgate is looking to develop a John Wick universe and they have their first spin-off in mind. The studio come out on top in a bidding war for a female-centric spec action script from writer (and Shane Black devotee) Shay Hatten christened Ballerina. Lionsgate is eyeing the film (which sounds like it fits in the Wick wheelhouse) as a platform for a possible spin-off from their R-rated franchise. THR says the early buzz on Ballerina is that it’s “in the vein of La Femme Nikita” only with a “more pulpy, hyper-stylized bent.”

John Wick 3 is on the way from the Keanu kicking ass film series and there’s definitely merit to expanding this odd and extremely dangerous world. (And not just with ghost dogs getting vengeance in their own web series either!) As long as the quality level remains the same as fans are used to from the first two films, why not go on a Ballerina adventure? As long as the studio doesn’t abuse the built up John Wick goodwill to push a lousy project we’re definitely onboard to see where the bone-shattering takes us next.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)