Lisa Bloom Resigns As Harvey Weinstein’s Advisor As Criticism Continues To Mount (UPDATE)

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Despite defending him shortly after allegations against him went public in the New York Times, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom has resigned as an advisor for Harvey Weinstein. The Weinstein Company executive is facing a slew of allegations involving sexual misconduct, including claims from actress Ashley Judd and a startling allegation from Fox News reporter Lauren Sivan, leading many to question why Bloom was aiding Weinstein and if it would be a conflict of interest given previous announcements of a business relationship with the executive.

Bloom’s resignation as advisor comes shortly after Weinstein took a leave of absence from his company and a third of its “all-male board” resigned according to the New York Times.

Some of the criticism against Bloom’s involvement stems from her high-profile defense of several victims of sexual assault, including those allegedly assaulted by Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly. Some feel her advisement betrays her status as an advocate for women’s rights, with some criticizing her comments made directly after the allegations went public.

Bloom was not the only person to resign from advising Weinstein according to the New York Times:

Lanny Davis, another adviser to Mr. Weinstein, is also no longer representing him, according to someone familiar with the matter. Mr. Davis declined to comment or elaborate on the reason for his departure. But the two men had disagreed over how to handle the sexual harassment allegations, with Mr. Davis advising a more conciliatory tone and approach than Mr. Weinstein seemed willing to adopt.