LL Cool J Hints He’s Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel’s got a lot in the pipe. And it’s not just the two movies a year for the next five years, at least. They’ve also got one TV series on the air, another one coming in January, and four more hitting Netflix. And amid all that, apparently, is room for the James ladies love.

Yep, LL Cool J is hinting that he’s got a job at Marvel. Specifically, he hinted with this tweet:

Despite widespread speculation, there’s one role we know it isn’t, Luke Cage. Cage will be the focus of his own TV series, and LL Cool J already has one of those. Also, it’s not doing nearly bad enough for CBS to cancel it; what else are they going to run Monday nights at 10?

On the other hand, that does leave the door open to pretty much anyone else that hasn’t been in an X-Men book. The best guess is that he’ll be playing T’Chaka, the father of the Black Panther, especially if they get into what vibranium is and why it’s so important. With Ant-Man, Agent Carter and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it appears Marvel is building a past to go with its superhero present, and that presumably will play a role in Black Panther.

Or, what the heck, let’s throw him on the pile for Doctor Strange. As long as they don’t try to make him rap Strange’s terrible doggerel, he’d be no worse than a lot of rumored candidates.