‘Lo And Behold, Reveries Of The Connected World’ Has Werner Herzog Find Who’s Protecting The Internet

Werner Herzog is probably the Internet’s favorite filmmaker. Most people are more familiar with Herzog for the puckish sense of humor that has him guest star on Parks and Recreation than they are for his documentary work or classic German New Wave films, but hey, he’s cool with it either way. And now he’s turned his eyes to the Internet with Lo and Behold, Reveries of The Connected World.

The basic thrust of this trailer is that the Internet is being used for purposes it was never meant for. It’s a science experiment that’s become central infrastructure, and so it’s very fragile. Who keeps it from collapsing? What happens if it does fall apart? How can we stop it? What did you think this was going to be about, cat videos? This is Herzog we’re talking about. He drags boats up mountains just to get the shot.

If you’re wondering why Herzog is making a movie about Internet security, the short answer is a company called Netscout is paying for the whole thing as part of a marketing stunt. But this is premiering at Sundance, and Herzog doesn’t appear to be compromising at all; the trailer features his trademark philosophical narration and long, distant helicopter shots, among other touches. And if nothing else, you know he hasn’t compromised with a marketing department because that title is terrible SEO. We’ll see more of Herzog’s thoughts on the Internet later this month.

(via IndieWire)