‘Logan’s Thursday Screenings Brought In A Big Pile Of Cash

Logan is something of a gamble for a superhero movie. It’s rated R, it’s set well after the end of the X-Men with only a handful of mutants surviving, and it touches on everything from end of life care to Wolverine staring back at a lifetime of murder and regret. All of that adds up to a superhero movie that flies in the face of what they’re supposed to be. Audiences, however, are eating it up.

Logan posted $9.5 million in cash in its Thursday night screenings. To give you an idea of what a big deal that is, in 2013, The Wolverine, the previous entry from Jackman and James Mangold brought in $4 million on its way to a $53 million opening. Just where Logan will wind up is a good question; before the box office receipts came in, Fox was estimating it would make about $60 million, or about in line with what the franchise has grossed so far. Now it may be more in line with Doctor Strange, that made similar bank on Thursday back in November on the way to $85 million.

It’s possible, though, that Logan will surprise everyone. It’s currently at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and, more importantly, it’s the kind of superhero movie not even comic book fans will really see coming. We’ll see how it does this weekend.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)