The Easter Eggs And References For ‘Logan’ Might Be The Key To Understanding Its Plot Mysteries

10.22.16 1 year ago

We know it is Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine on the big screen in Logan but is it actually Wolverine’s last ride entirely? Mr. Sunday Movies latest Easter eggs and references video hints at that, making a good case that far more than Old Man Logan is at hand with this final Jackman film.

We had hints of the X-23 appearances from a few months ago, but something that didn’t truly hit was that Marvel had killed off the original Wolverine in the comics to make way for his female clone as the new “best there is” in the comic universe — save for the alternate Old Man Logan version running around too. Comics are fun and weird like that. But if you didn’t know how it all happened, it might play into where Logan is heading and how Hugh Jackman is going out as the character.

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