A Hollywood Mystery: Who The Heck Wrote ‘Logan Lucky’?

Steven Soderbergh’s heist movie Logan Lucky is getting rapturous reviews, and that’s meant its rookie screenwriter, Rebecca Blunt, is up for praise. One problem, though: It looks like Rebecca Blunt doesn’t exist. So who wrote the movie?

The Hollywood Reporter has an in-depth look at the mystery behind who wrote the upcoming heist flick, which is unusually heavy on on-air talent from the E! Network. Yes, the celebrity news channel. The most obvious theory is Soderbergh himself. Soderbergh often does multiple jobs on his movies and tends to use a pseudonym to keep the movie from looking like an ego-fest. Another theory is Jules Asner, Soderbergh’s wife, wrote the screenplay. Asner, best known for anchoring E!, is also a writer, and a darkly witty one at that. Still another is that the movie has a connection to the dearly departed Talk Soup:

A third intriguing possibility being floated is that another E! personality, John Henson, wrote the screenplay. The former Talk Soup host and friend of Asner’s, is said to have been working on a screenplay with Soderbergh a few years ago that harkened similar themes as Logan Lucky.

We’d find this most credible if everyone involved was obsessed with sketch comedy and guac, but maybe Henson has moved on creatively. Either way, the movie’s well worth seeing, whoever wrote it, according to critics; coming August 11th, it’s rocking 100% at Rotten Tomatoes.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)