‘Logan’ Now Has An Arty Short All About Logan’s Terrible Job And His Regrets

While the X-Men movies have always enjoyed a certain class of directors (and also Brett Ratner), it’d be unusual to describe them as “art films.” They’re very much in the sensibility and style of big Hollywood productions, even if they can be a bit subversive at times. So this oddball new teaser, really more of a short film, for Logan is attention-getting since it’s basically une film de James Howlett.

The teaser, shot in black and white with a handheld camera, is simply Logan at work, driving around bridal parties and douchey prom bros, with a phone call to a guy selling a boat overlaid on it. It’s a stark teaser, reminiscent of French New Wave movies like Alphaville, and it’s a good reminder that before James Mangold was making superhero movies, he was turning out indie dramas like Heavy and Cop Land. It’s not clear who’s behind the camera on this movie, or what they’re shooting with, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if it were Mangold himself.

It’ll be curious to see how much of the sensibility we see here translates to Logan. Logan is making an effort to be a different kind of superhero movie, as Jackman’s last hurrah as the character, and if this is any indication, we’re in for far more than just the usual roller coaster ride.

(via YouTube)