The ‘Logan’ Trailer Meets The ‘X-Men’ Cartoon In This Mashup

Logan seems to be serving as sort of a finale to the X-Men movies, at least as we know it. Deadpool’s probably still running around shooting people for the next decade at least, but between X-Men: Apocalypse’s underwhelming gross compared to Days Of Future Past and Logan all but saying Wolverine and Professor X aren’t getting out of the movie alive, feelings among nerds are decidedly mixed. So about the only way to make setting an aged, struggling Logan to Johnny Cash more bittersweet and unnerving is to roll out the old X-Men cartoon clips. Which is exactly what the internet did!

OK, so Philysteak had to use X-Men Evolution to work in all those clips of X-23. When the 1992 series arrived, she was still quite a few editorial changes away, after all. Still, this proves that Cash’s cover of “Hurt” can make literally anything more emotionally affecting, even a cartoon series based on some of the goofiest comics of the early ’90s. We love them too, but come on. Angel was turned into a flying Smurf with metal wings that shot knives. We’ll see just what Logan has in store for us as a finale on March 3rd.

(via Comic Book Resources)