The ‘Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie’ Is Taking On Cheesy Music Documentaries

It’s the cinematic event we’ve all been waiting for — The Lonely Island movie. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone are finally doing a followup to the best movie in the world, Hot Rod, and it’s going to be produced by Judd Apatow. It’s the best news ever and yesterday was the first day of production. How do we know this?

Because Apatow put the poster all over Twitter:

Personally, I can barely deal with this, but I’m going to try. The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie will be a parody of pop music documentaries like Justin Bieber’s and Katy Perry’s and will cast the Dudes as a former boy band, capturing them as they awkwardly try to reunite after one of them bombs as a rapper. So, expect Justin Timberlake to be involved because that’s just God’s will, I believe.

For his part, Apatow is pretty psyched to be a part of the movie, saying that he has “begged” the Lonely Island to let him produce a movie with them and apparently they “finally they decided [his] whining needed to come to an end.” Finally.

This is the greatest news ever. Prepare yourself for many, many, many celebrity cameos. And try not to jizz in your pants. I am literally trying right now.

(Via Collider)