It Looks Like China Won’t Welcome ‘Suicide Squad’ To Its Theaters

Suicide Squad seems to be a runaway hit. Too bad for folks in China that they probably won’t get to see it. Or, judging by the movie’s hideous reviews, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

Anyway, the good people at Warner Bros. aren’t talking but it appears, per Variety, that the latest DC Comics adventure is just too dark for Chinese audiences. The movie, which opened in the U.S. and most of the rest of the world this week, has yet to receive a release date in China, which makes it seem unlikely that it ever will. “People close to the situation” tell Variety that it doesn’t look good and that, combined with the fact that China usually issues release dates for movies months in advance, would seem to spell doom.

Still, it’s not like Suicide Squad is hurting for business. The movie is tracking to obliterate box office records in the states, and according to Deadline, is also raking in the dough in plenty of international markets. And even though its DC predecessor, Batman v Superman, did do business in China with $95 million, Deadpool was also deemed unfit for Chinese audiences and wound up doing pretty OK overall.

It remains to be seen whether the terrible critical reception to Suicide Squad will hurt it following this massive opening weekend. Time will tell whether not getting the green light in China really does take its toll.

(via Variety)