The ‘Lost Boys’ Remake Has Found Its Leads In ‘It’ And ‘A Quiet Place’ Actors

Surely it was only a matter of time before someone got around to rebooting The Lost Boys, the Brat Pack era’s take on the vampire movie, where Hollywood’s hottest young actors went to the dark side. (One attempt almost made it to production.) It was originally intended for even younger actors; it wound up starring twentysomethings, like Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. But it seems the revival will take the original route.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the new Lost Boys has found its leads, and they’re young-ish. Jaeden Martell, who played Bill Denbrough In It (he’s the one who grows up to be James McAvoy), and Noah Jupe, of A Quiet Place and Wonder, have been tapped to play the leads. Martell is 18, while Jupe is 16. By contrast, Sutherland and Patric were both in their 20s when they made the 1987 original, which was aimed at a much more mature (which is to say it was very rated R).

The original Lost Boys is very much a product of its time. Its aesthetics are very MTV, from the fast cutting to the way its young cast spend much of the film posing like models (with fangs). This version, however, will be helmed by The End of the F***ing World director John Entwistle, suggesting it will be a much more self-aware affair, aimed at a knowing, winking audience. Details are currently scant beyond it being set in the present day.

(Via THR)