Louis C.K. Hilariously Introduced The Best Short Subject Documentary Oscar Award

The 88th Academy Awards has been like an episode of Louie, with Chris Rock and C.K. goofing off and likely getting into hijinks backstage. Rock has been a fantastic host, and C.K. may have taken the non-existent award for Best Presenter with this hilarious-but-admittedly-mean speech.

Despite C.K. saying that the winner of the Short Subject Documentary would go home in a Honda Civic, the laughs would give way to the winner A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, which relates the remarkable tale of 18-year-old Saba Qaiser, who falls in love, marries against the will of her family, then survives an honor killing attempt by her father and uncle. Shot in the head and clinging to life on the edge of a riverbank, the film offers a direct challenge to long-standing laws in Pakistan that allow for over 1000 killings a year. Specifically, the film challenges a Pakistani law called “forgiveness law,” which allows family members to forgive egregious crimes such as attempted murder. Here’s hoping it can join the ranks of documentary films that lead to real-world change.

C.K. probably didn’t realize the subject matter was going to be so heavy, but it’s Louis C.K. He gets a pass for it.

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