Photos From The ‘Love Actually’ Reunion Set Reveal What Hugh Grant’s Character Is Up To Now

Filming for the mini-Love Actually reunion is well under way, and with every set of characters featured in on-set pictures, fans find out more and more information about where their favorite relationships stand in the present day. Luckily, Love Actually isn’t really a movie for which the reunion deserves a spoiler alert since the best parts of the story focus on the heart of each group of people, not their end result.

Even so, if you care whether Liam Neeson randomly has a peg leg now or whether Keira Knightley’s character ever did file that (incredibly necessary) restraining order on her husband’s best friend, maybe stop reading now before it is revealed what Hugh Grant’s British PM is up to all these years later. Emma Freud, a producer that is tracking the reunion’s progress on social media, posted a series of tweets for all to enjoy. The photos, some of which are very detailed about behind the scenes processes, are sure to make fans very happy about a certain couple staying together.

As you can see, Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister is still together with Martine McCutcheon’s Natalie, and they are married now! It’s hard to imagine the reunion, which is in honor of Red Nose Day, will feature any of the various couples in too sad a state (this is for charity after all) but this is a good sign that the movie’s happy endings will stay that way when the story picks up more than a decade into the future.