You, Too, Can Visit Luke Skywalker’s Island Of Solitude

(Potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead.)

On an uninhabited island 6 miles off Ireland’s coast is Skellig Michael. This former home to a Christian monastery in the 1500s and long-time home of Luke Skywalker — who used the island to look inward and think about stuff like his dad and maybe other family members while in hiding — is gorgeous, and it’s no longer a secret to Star Wars fans. Listen, we get it — sometimes Jedi just need to get away.

This, of course, means that you, too, can have an epic staredown with your friends and/or family while reaching out your hands while you pretend that a chopper is circling you to get the perfect shot. But let’s admit it; we’re not going to have any social-media selfies of Mark Hamill lookalikes reaching out to their uncomfortable daughters or significant others while dressed in the finest robes cosplayers can buy. That won’t be happening, right?

Not according to the Irish Tourism Board, which expects the remote island to get a major boost in visitors now that the Ewok is out of the bag and Star Wars: The Force Awakens has renewed interest in the picturesque-but-seriously-out-of-the-way crag.

Just look at the cool staircase. You can be climbing up those steps and on your way to an epic adventure on the island for a few hours. This is one of the only ways to truly visit the Star Wars universe without waiting in line at a theme park!

(Via MTV)