M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Movie, ‘The Visit,’ Actually Sounds… Good?

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11.14.14 48 Comments

Has any director’s career had a more precipitous downward trajectory than M. Night Shyamalan? After knocking out three pretty good movies, including the arguable classic Unbreakable, it pretty much went down the tubes. Granted, when you make an entire movie that basically tells critics how they don’t understand your brilliant genius, and then follow that up with The Happening and a movie about people freaking out in an elevator, a lot of your fall is self-inflicted. But his next movie actually sounds fairly cool.

Called The Visit, it’s a small horror movie Shyamalan made at his own house with his own money, and it’s about a brother and sister who honor the great American tradition of getting packed off to the grandparents for the summer so Mom and Dad can get some sleep. Once there, according to Deadline, they discover Grandma and Grandpa are up to something… disturbing.

We’re assuming there’s a twist of some sort, but the setup is pretty cool. Our beloved senior citizens are always good for utter terror, and we’re assuming, this being Shyamalan, that whatever they’re up to is fairly nasty. Also, hey, we’ll get to see the house he bought with his Sixth Sense money! It’ll be arriving in September of next year.

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