You Won’t Believe What The Kid From ‘Home Alone’ Looks Like These Days

Life & Culture Editor
12.04.15 25 Comments

We can’t help but be a little worried for Macauley Culkin. Since his turn as The Good Son (spoiler alert: he was the bad son all along), the comic idol of your childhood (although, how dangerous does Home Alone seem to you now? Kevin’s got to have major therapy bills right?) has been doing some pretty weird stuff. None of those things, however, are as weird as the thing he did last night, which was hanging out with Bob Saget, Seth Green, and Clare Grant in Times Square. What exactly is going on in this picture? And why are people taking photos with known bad influence Danny Tanner?

Part of me really wants this to be Culkin’s big comeback—featuring Seth Green of course, and maybe Jamie Kennedy—but another part is concerned that a man his age is out there on the public sidewalks of New York making what appears to be a hand symbol for female genitalia for an artistic selfie. Trust me, I don’t want Kieran to be the famous Culkin (come at me), but I’m kind of hoping that this is just a promo shot for The Culk’s next pizza-themed album and not the beginning of a photo project that involves him just hanging around other former celebrities while making obscene hand gestures. Although, I’m sure an art gallery would pay a lot for that. (And if that does happen, I want 20 percent.)

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