Madonna Popped In On Fans Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Truth Or Dare’

When Madonna released her documentary Truth or Dare 25 years ago, it really made a mark on the pop cultural landscape, and not just because it ended up being parodied in a Wayne’s World sketch on Saturday Night Live. Madonna was at the height of her sexual provocateur phase, but the film also chronicled the harsh realities that come with pulling off a massive world tour even for arguably the biggest pop star on the planet. The film was recently screened for its anniversary at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and there was one surprise guest in attendance: Madonna.

Four hundred Madonna fans had gathered together to watch the acclaimed documentary when the woman herself stopped by to surprise the filmgoers. While it was 25 years, and several personas, ago for Madonna, she’s been around long enough that important anniversaries such as this are going to start popping up. Her Blonde Ambition World Tour was a huge event and Truth or Dare was the highest-grossing documentary of all-time after its run ended.

On top of Madonna’s surprise cameo, the screening featured a conversation with the film’s director Alek Keshishian, as well as the tour’s choreographer and two backup dancers. If nothing else, this was a chance to remember a time when Madonna’s tours didn’t involve her awkwardly making out with Drake or dressing up like a clown.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)