Maisie Williams Is Now Doing Sex Scenes, So Get Used To It

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So everybody’s favorite murderous young Stark child from Game Of Thrones is all grown up. Maisie Williams is now 18 and she’s not wasting any time jumping into her first on screen sex scene, which is kinda weird. Williams is starring in the indie feature The Falling, which takes place an all girls school in the 1960s. Think more Dead Poets than Caged Heat, though (that took place at an all girls school, right?).

Vulture caught up with the Game Of Thrones star to ask her how it felt to get down to the “wild mambo” on film for the first time and how her co-star made it a comfortable experience:

It was extremely awkward! But [co-star] Joe [Cole] was very sensitive to the fact that I had never done a scene like this before, and it was great to work with someone who was so considerate of that. We went out for a couple of lunches and stuff just to get to know each other, and we had days of rehearsal where we’d get to know our characters and spend a couple of hours with each other. So I knew him quite well, and we got along quite well. It all paid off in the end.

Not much of a shock there. It isn’t like she’s starring opposite Gerard Depardieu in her first sex scene. Not saying Depardieu is a savage in the bedroom, but I am saying that he’s probably too drunk to put that much effort into making his co-star comfortable (allegedly).

Elsewhere, Vulture asked if she got pestered by her co-stars for Game Of Thrones spoilers, proving that they are just like you and that there is no escape from the monster that George R.R. Martin has created. But the funny part is how Williams uses it for her own gain, turning the spoilers around on people as a sort of weapon:

What would happen, like on the Doctor Who set, was I would threaten people with giving them spoilers if anyone would wind me up. I would threaten to spoil the next episode. Or I’d go, “I’ll spoil the next season!” And everyone would be like, “No! No! No! Don’t! You can’t give any spoilers!” So that was really, really good. It was a power I had over the whole cast and crew.

It works a lot better than “get me my cappuccino or this baby gets punched in the face, I’m not kidding.” But once again, Gerard Depardieu is not on this film and he’d never do something like that (allegedly).

So I guess it is time to put out a few timers on this story. One for the return of Game Of Thrones, obviously. Two for the amount of time it takes Gerard Depardieu to find this and kill me (never). And three, the moment this scene is ripped and leaked online for every creep to parse through (immediately). Congrats, Maisie Williams, you’ve made it. Don’t tell the showrunners, though.

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Who’s Next On Arya’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Kill List In Season Seven?

by Alex Diedrick

(Spoilers Ahead)

It will probably take another week or so before everyone recovers from the most-watched episode of Game Of Thrones. The literally explosive finale had so many deaths and reveals to keep track of, with plenty of little details you missed sprinkled in. But one of the most rewarding moments was our favorite young wolf Arya Stark getting to cross one more name off her kill list.

Ever since she saw nearly her entire family destroyed, Arya has repeated the names of her foes, and it’s kept her going in a terrifying world where the unjust often don’t receive justice. Westeros’ own Beatrix Kiddo has been working her way through those that wronged her and her house since season four, staying true to her lust for blood and vengeance even when spending time dabbling as a Faceless Man and presumably an aspiring baker.

But who’s next? She’s ticked a few boxes on her shopping list of death, but the Alive column still outnumbers the Dead. And now that she has the skills of an assassin and an endless supply of faces, we can only predict who will be meeting the pointy end of Needle in season seven and beyond. Let’s run through who’s dead and who’s alive and why they made it onto her kill list in the first place.

The Dead Column

Walder Frey

Arya added the dastardly Frey, the freshest of her kills, to her list for betraying her family and ending the lives of her brother Robb and mother Catelyn. We hadn’t seen Walder for awhile, only for him to pop up and get offed in season six. While not on her list, she also claimed the lives of his two sons in the process, baking them into a pie and feeding them to Walder in the same fashion as Lord Wyman from the A Song of Ice and Fire books. This is Arya at her prime, and while some of the remaining members of her list might be more difficult to cross off, Walder was her biggest prey yet.

Ser Meryn Trant

Kingsguard Ser Meryn Trant earned a spot on the roster for killing Arya’s dancing/sword intructor, Syrio Forel (although it’s open for debate whether or not Forel actually met his end). Trant met Arya’s wrath after she used a face before she was ready, a mistake that cost her her sight for a bit. Trant’s death in the fifth season finale showed that while Arya was trying to be just A Girl, she was never truly going to lose her name. Too bad for Trant, especially since no one seemed to care he was gone come season six.


Arya watched this Lannister solider stab her friend Lommy in the throat back in season two, but Polliver also lost his life for taking Needle from her. Not even the Faceless Men could do that, Polliver, so why even try? Cut to season four where Arya and the Hound happened upon him at a tavern. Fighting ensued, she reclaimed her weapon, and she drove it through his throat. It’s unclear who taught Arya to say witty remarks to her victims before killing them, but she had it down even with the first name crossed off her list.


Arya added this guy to her list only seconds before moving him to the “Completed” column. Rorge took part in the torture at Harrenhal and threatened Arya, so he had to go.

Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey got a slot in Arya’s death watch for that smile alone. Just look at it. That should be enough for anyone to create their own kill list. Oh, and he gave the order for her father’s death. Despite confessing and asking for mercy, Ned lost his head because of Joffrey, a move that started a war and cost many lives. Joffrey’s lies also ended her friend, the butcher’s boy, and made her send away her direwolf (although considering the show’s track record for Stark pets, Nymeria is probably better off). She didn’t get to personally end Joffrey’s life, but he died nonetheless, because seriously everyone wanted him dead.

Tywin Lannister

Tywin helped bring down Arya’s family, even after she got him drinks, so he was part of her kill list. Like Joffrey, she didn’t get to pull the trigger on ending the most competent Lannister, but she undoubtedly took solace in his death, especially considering its embarrassing circumstances. Arya further developed her ability to blend in while serving Tywin, a skill she later improved upon as a Faceless Man.

The Alive Column

The Red Woman

After taking away her friend Gendry, Arya wanted Melisandre dead. Although she was going to sacrifice him and all, seeing as how Davos sent Gendry on the world’s longest boat ride, it seems like a pretty lesser reason for a spot on the kill list.

Chances Of Getting Crossed Off: Low. The Red Woman is off on her own now, so she might cross paths with Arya. But Arya killing her doesn’t seem like a fitting end for the sorceress, especially with Gendry being alive and her bringing Arya’s half-brother Jon Snow back from death. As long as Melisandre doesn’t get all sacrifice-y with anyone Arya cares about, she’ll most likely get a pass. (Besides, enough other people want her dead that they might beat Arya to killing her.)

Beric Dondarrion

The unkillable Beric Dondarrion earned a place in Arya’s death chant when he gave away Gendry to the Red Woman. This was still during a time when Arya saw herself as defenseless, surrounded by stronger and more devious men who did whatever they wanted. With her only friend being taken away, Arya wanted blood from the Brotherhood Without Banners, even though the crooks were more shady than evil.

Chances Of Getting Crossed Off: Average. After being gone for a few seasons, the Brotherhood came back this season, so they’re fair game for coming across Arya in season seven. But if she knows Gendry is okay somewhere, Beric and the rest might be in the clear. She might kill Beric out of spite, though, knowing he can just bounce back.

Thoros of Myr

The Red Priest of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Thoros of Myr keeps giving Beric one-ups after the Cleganes or whomever kill him. Along with Beric, Thoros had a hand in Gendry’s turnover to Melisandre, so Arya added his name.

Chances Of Getting Crossed Off: Average. Arya still has it out for the Brotherhood, but she has bigger fish to fry. Bigger fish that killed her family members. That might change if the Brotherhood pulls any of its ransoming business with her again. Plus, Arya has to have some names to cross off for the last couple seasons, so Thoros might end up pulling the short straw.

Ilyn Payne

As the King’s Justice, Ilyn Payne is the man that lopped off Eddard’s head under orders from Joffrey. The silent executioner is frightening to say the least, but because of the health issues of actor Wilko Johnson, the character has been absent since season two. He was mentioned in season four by Tywin, although it’s unclear if he’ll be back officially.

Chances Of Getting Crossed OffHigh. If they do re-introduce him — which would be fitting since he’s one of GOT‘s loose ends — he seems to be perfect fodder for Needle. Someone high level? Check. Killed a family member? Check. All they need to do is mention him and what he did a couple times, and Arya can show up in King’s Landing to offer up her own justice.

Cersei Lannister

Arya also blames Cersei for her father’s death after that infamous day at the Sept Of Baelor, so she recited the Queen’s name along with the rest.

Chances Of Getting Crossed Off: Pretty much non-existent. Arya may try to off Cersei next season, but she’s going to have to get in line. After that huge explosion, the 10 percent of the Westerosi population that didn’t want Cersei’s head before just jumped on Team Queen-icide. It would make way more sense for Jaime to be the one to end his sister’s life.

Somewhere in the Middle

The Mountain

Oberyn Martell already beat Arya to the punch in the death of Ser Gregor Clegane, but Qybern got in the way of that. Arya wanted The Mountain’s blood for his role in the tortures at Harrenhal, and she sort of bonded with The Hound over the potential death of his brother.

Chances Of Getting Crossed Off: This one’s tricky as he’s already sort of dead, so who knows how Arya will want to handle him. Let’s put him at average odds because whether he’s undead or alive, he’s still not dead and he’s still a monster. Arya will want to finish the job Oberyn started.

The Hound

The man who eventually became Arya’s “friend” started off as the brute who murdered one of her only real friends, cutting the butcher’s boy in half based on Joffrey’s lie. Sandor Clegane kidnapped Arya and tried to find a family member worth paying her ransom. Only trouble: They all died before he could find them. After his tussle with Brienne of Tarth, Arya left him to die, only for him to live and keep killing.

Chances Of Getting Crossed OffLow. This season, Arya said that she took The Hound’s name off her list, but she also believed him to be dead. Finding out that he lives and is slicing people in half could make her rethink that removal. Chances are, though, they have too much history for her to actually use Needle on him.