A Man Used His Car To Go ‘Back To The Future’ And It Didn’t End Well

Last week, a driver with a love for Back to the Future decided to take his car for a rip-roaring adventure. Ironically, the timing couldn’t have been worse because the man missed the true Back to the Future day in October, but this guy’s wits weren’t gathered enough to notice his tardiness.

According to Metro, the Florida resident (you knew that was coming) hopped into his Dodge Challenger in an attempt to time travel. In doing so, he crashed into two businesses (a tax service and a coffin retailer), and the havoc was so extensive that both businesses were forced to move elsewhere in the aftermath. Property general manager Emanuel Mores told Pensacola’s ABC3 station the chaos was real:

“It looks like a bomb went off. I was mad, then eventually I was happy no one was hurt. You know that was my biggest concern cause, you know, if anyone was hurt, anybody could have died or whatever.”

Indeed, no one was hurt, which is a miracle considering how the time-travel attempt plowed into the two certainties of life (death and taxes). The driver was rushed to a hospital and walked away with a reckless driving ticket. He’s a lucky guy, but he no longer owns a vehicle, so good luck to him in securing future auto loans or insurance. “Great Scott!” won’t go over well as a signature on bank loans.

(Via Metro)