Mark Hamill Gushes Over ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’

Ever since its debut in the West End in London, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been racking up fans all around the world even if they’ve never seen the show. Even though JK Rowling has been begging with fans to #KeeptheSecrets from the two-part extravaganza, some (or all) pieces of the saga have started to leak out into the public domain. Don’t worry, there won’t be any details given away in this post. The secrets are safe with us.

One person that has seen the show and clearly loves all the secrets it contains is none other than Star Wars’ Mark Hamill. He caught both parts of the play over the weekend and immediately tweeted his praise upon exiting the theater.

Beyond the fact that Hamill was able to get tickets so soon after opening night (celebrity perks strike again), his ringing endorsement makes us even more excited to see the play or read the script book when it comes on Harry’s birthday in July. Somehow, the crossover between two of the most iconic fantasy worlds of the last 40 years makes these continuing adventures of the boy wizard all that much more appealing. If it were just another random story about Harry and his family? We’d see it eventually. But now that we know Luke Skywalker loves it more than life itself? We want to see it immediately.

Somebody fly us to London right now. Tomorrow at the absolute latest. We are now completely head over heels about the idea of tripping it all the way to a foreign city only to sit in a play that lasts for more than five hours and requires two separate performances to get through. That sounds just awesome. On second thought, we’ll just wait for that script book to roll into Barnes & Noble in just over a month, or the eventual movie to be released, and spend those 15 hours on a plane and five hours in a theater doing something else. Like re-reading all seven of the original Potter books to reclaim some of our childhood without any pesky story retconning involved.

(via Entertainment Weekly)