Mark Hamill Reveals That The Trailer For ‘Star Wars’ Was Actually Heckled The First Time He Saw It

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The customer is always right! Except for when they’re wrong and sometimes those dummo customers can be real wrong. Including at the movies.

Non-dummo and beloved multi-talent Mark Hamill revealed a hilarious story at the rather productive and downright emotional Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. The Hollywood Reporter, uh, reports that Hamill unfurled a story about how he and co-star Carrie Fisher walked by a movie theater and got the urge to go in and see the Star Wars trailer that Fisher knew was playing. Neither talent had caught the trailer for the future blockbuster, so after some deft navigating (read: speaking with the manager) the trailer view would soon be theirs.

According to Hamill, it was a bit more of a bare bones presentation than what you’d might expect.

“We went in and we watched it. It was so early they didn’t have John Williams’ score. They didn’t have very many special effects finished at all. A couple of shots of TIE Fighters I think,” said Hamill. “It made a real impression on me because we hadn’t seen any of the footage.”

That sounds neato, doesn’t it? Well, what was on-screen didn’t exactly bowl over civilian filmgoers.

“At the end of the trailer, it said, ‘A billion light years in the making. And it’s coming to your galaxy this summer.’ Big explosion. And somebody in the balcony yelled out, ‘Yeah, and it’s coming to the late show about two weeks after that,’ ” said Hamill. “Nobody enjoys a well-placed, snarky remark more than I do. So we both laughed, but after we laughed, we kind of went, ‘uh oh.’ “

If only we could get some confirmation on if that film was a success.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)