Mark Hamill Is Correcting An ‘SNL’ Joke About Luke And Leia’s ‘Star Wars’ Kiss

On a recent episode of SNL, “Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che made a joke about how Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “surprised fans by featuring the series’ first gay kiss” (it’s not between Finn and Poe, sorry everyone). He continued, “Which seems pretty tame considering the first movie had incest.” The punchline was punctuated by an on-screen image of Leia kissing Luke from The Empire Strikes Back, which is [pushes glasses up nose] not the “first movie” in the series. But the incorrect photo is not what Mark Hamill complained on Twitter about. He has another issue with Che’s joke.

SNL Weekend Update-“The new #StarWars surprised fans by featuring a gay kiss-which seems pretty tame considering the 1st movie had incest” WRONG!” the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance star tweeted. “Since Luke & Leia were totally unaware that they were related in any way whatsoever-what they did was actually #Innocestuous.”

“Innocestuous” isn’t a typo — it’s Hamill’s word for tfw you find out you kissed your sister. He first used it in 2016, when a follower asked him to “describe Luke and Leia’s kiss in one word, i give you a candy if you answer.” Hopefully he got his candy (or green milk).

(Via Twitter/Mark Hamill)