Mark Hamill Explained The Limits Of The Force When Tommy Wiseau Asked For Extra Oscars Tickets


Visionary filmmaker, cultural curiosity and noted sunglasses enthusiast Tommy Wiseau would like to attend Sunday’s Academy Awards. The man that gave us The Room (and by extension The Disaster Artist) is without a ticket and is free that night if someone could toss it to him like a football on a roof. On Saturday, he reached out to Star Wars legend Mark Hamill for help with a cheeky greeting to lead things off.

“Oh hi Mark!” began Wiseau. “Use The Force and get Greg and I into The #Oscars”

The request did not go unnoticed. Hamill responded to Wiseau’s search for a ticket for himself and Greg Sestero not too long after. His response wasn’t quite what Wiseau was looking for, but it was a rather sweet explanation of the limitations of his ticket-nabbing powers.

“Oh hi Tommy!” tweeted Hamill “Wish I could help you but I can’t even get extra #Oscars tickets for my kids. I really owe you since now whenever people greet me I get to hear the quote from The Room. Plus-if you saw #LastJedi you’d know (SPOILER ALERT) I turned off The Force.”

If it’s any consolation for Wiseau, Hamill told the BBC earlier in the week that he’d be much happier watching the ceremony from home rather than presenting at the Hollywood shindig. Quite frankly, Wiseau might also benefit from steering clear of Disaster Artist star James Franco who has a number of sexual misconduct allegations directed at him. At present, it’s unclear if Franco will be attending the ceremony.