Mark Ruffalo’s Wallet Became A Casualty Of Winter Storm Jonas But The Internet Saved The Day

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Winter Storm Jonas continues to pound the east coast (in the most literal sense) while also inspiring Paul Ryan’s ongoing gym stream and shutting down airports, stranding motorists, and cutting off power for countless households. Dinosaurs and panda bears may enjoy the snowdrifts, but humans don’t adapt as well. The icy treachery also extended to a practical matter involving Mark Ruffalo, who lost his wallet amid stormy NYC chaos.

Ruffalo, whose most famous alter ego happens to be the Incredible Hulk, did not go green upon his wretched discovery. He kept his visible calm and signed onto Twitter, where he promised a “reward and signed pic” for the honest party who discovered and returned his wallet intact:

Ruffalo soon tweeted that the tips were coming fast and furious, which goes to show that a signed picture of a Fluffalo is worth braving the worst winter storm in years.

Within one hour of his initial inquiry, Ruffalo dropped an “OMG” after someone provided proof that the wallet was found.

Ruffalo made good on his promise and posted a selfie with two little daughters from the Brown family. He thanked them for their decency (and presumably, for not selling his driver’s license on eBay). See, there are good people in this world. People who know it’s a bad idea to anger Avengers.