Mark Ruffalo Is On The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Set And He’s Throwing Mad Hulk Hands

07.13.16 3 years ago

Filming on the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok is well underway. We’ve already gotten a peek at some of the pranks being played on set. We’ve also learned a bit more about the mysterious Grandmaster, the character being played by icon of screen and sexual charisma Jeff Goldblum. What we haven’t gotten a good look at is Mark Ruffalo, who will be appearing in the film as the Hulk. Word on the street (if you can really call the nerdy corners of the internet we frequent “the street”) is that the film will function as a sort of buddy-cop flick with Thor and Hulk filling in for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. But fear not! Today, Ruffalo posted a video on Facebook confirming that not only is he on the set, but also that he has two giant Hulk hands with him.

Is this any real indication as to how his character will play into the film? No. Is it indicative of how the filming process and motion capture is working for Ruffalo on this shoot as compared to others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Not at all. But is it fun to see Mark Ruffalo, the internet’s boyfriend, run around wearing two Hulk hands almost as big as him? Absolutely.

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