Martin Freeman Will Rub Elbows With Zombies In The Upcoming Thriller ‘Cargo’

Martin Freeman, who most recently popped up in a low-key government bureaucrat role in Captain America: Civil War, is now probably wishing the Avengers were in every movie he does. The Hobbit and Fargo actor is set to star in Cargo, a thriller adapted from an Australian short film that has been receiving critical raves and worldwide studio interest from Cannes to Canada. Based on the plot synopsis provided by Empire,

[It stars] Freeman as a father who is stranded in Australia in the aftermath of a violent pandemic and is desperately seeking a home for his most previous cargo – his infant daughter.

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse for Freeman’s character, he will also be preoccupied trying to resist turning into a zombie himself after being bitten by his wife. Or, ex-wife at this point. We can only assume that if the previous love of your life turns into a zombie and then bites you a breakup is pretty much a foregone conclusion.  Between the popularity of The Walking Dead and movies such as World War Z, pop culture is just about fully saturated with zombie stories right now.

However, this sounds like a more focused and introspective story on what zombie outbreaks can do to one person instead of an entire society. Who knows, maybe this will inspire Series 4 of Sherlock to incorporate some creepy undead beings as well. Besides Moriarty, of course.

(via Empire)