Martin Short Told A Delightful Story About Nick Nolte Getting Drunk During A ‘Three Fugitives’ Dinner

Martin Short has got a book and a Broadway show to promote, so last night he stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman to talk to Dave about his ongoing projects. When the subject turns to Short’s memoir, I Must Say, he shared one particularly entertaining story from back in the late ’80s when he was shooting a film called Three Fugitives with Nick Nolte. Three Fugitives — a film about a man (Short) who robs a bank to care for his ill daughter and takes a seasoned criminal just released from prison (Notle) as his hostage — was not overall that memorable of a film. (Although I totally saw it in the theater!)

What was memorable was this story Short recalled during a formal dinner at the start of production of Three Fugitives which included he and his wife, Nick Nolte and his wife, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the producer and director — and to calm his nerves Nick Nolte decided to get completely sh*t-faced. How many drinks does it take to get Nick Nolte completely sh*t-faced, you ask? About “37 triple vodka sevens,” according to Martin Short. Sounds like a fun dinner to me.