Marvel Studios Comic-Con Panel Live Blog: Everything To Know

07.22.17 9 months ago


Hey guys! I’m coming to you live from Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. In a few moments, Marvel Studios will take the stage to give folks their upcoming slate of films, including Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and hopefully Captain Marvel. Stay tuned right here to live updates! If you can’t be in the room, I promise this is almost as good!

5:20PM – We are TEN MINUTES (give or take) away from the Marvel panel beginning. Keep your eyes right here for all the news and announcements in real time.

5:35PM – They’re trying to squeeze in as many people as they can for this panel, so we’re running behind guys. Hang tight! Even the press is like sardines. I’m writing from the “press cage” and my laptop is sitting on top of the subwoofer, so getting ready for some sick bass interrupting my typing!

5:40PM – People still milling about. No word yet from the moderator and no “please go to the bathroom mid-panel rather than hold it and get a bladder infection” speech. Tick tock, Marvel. Let’s goooooooooo.

5:42PM – Guys, the press cage is fuller for this than anything else I’ve seen all weekend. We are about to begin! Everyone is being told to make their way to their seats. Only a few more moments. Audience getting antsy, beginning to clap in unison. Except the chanting to start soon. Tell my family I love them.

5:47PM – The chanting has started “We love Marvel” followed by clapping. Totally called it, y’all.

5:51PM – Here we go. We are reminded again we will be seeing exclusive footage and not to videotape it. I will do my best to stream-of-consciousness!

6:00PM – Opens with Ant-Man and Michael Pena about his movie. Then we move to RDJ talking about Iron Man’s mustache and describing it. Then we get to the Huk and Pena’s wearing the Hulk Hands and Ant-Man is like I never saw the Hulk. Then we move to Thor and talking about how cool he is with his hammer. Captain America gets a huge cheer. We see him in his previous movie and the Red Skull. Then the Avengers meet Nick Fury and Scarlet and Loki getting beat up by Hulk (another huge cheer). They move straight to Tom Hiddleston dancing and Ant-Man trying to imitate it. He’s pretty good. Then Iron Man changed his beard for Iron Man 2 and again Iron Man 3. They are super into Iron Man’s mustache. Thor the Dark World doesn’t get the much love and we go straight to Winter Solider and it blowing Ant-Man’s mind that HYRRA invaded SHIELD. Guardians get another huge cheer, then move into Age of Ultron and their robots. VISION lifts Thor’s hammer. Cheer for Ant-Man and compare it to Citizen Kane and Godfather…they decide it’s like Citizen Kane. Pena is still wearing the Hulk hands. I want Ant-Man to explain everything. People lose their shit when Spider-Man goes oscine, big shout for Doctor Strange which surprises me. Quickly moving through the rest, and ends on Spider-Man. Turns out they were talking to Evangeline’s Lilly’s mom Janet Van Dyne Michelle Pfieffer.

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