Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Could Very Well Introduce A Female Lead Into The Franchise

It can be argued that were it not for the popular and successful Blade series, Marvel might have waited a bit longer to launch their coveted Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 1998, Wesley Snipes’ portrayal of the daywalker with a penchant for killing bloodsuckers helped put comic book films on the map. The second film in the series, Blade II, helped to introduce Guillermo del Toro to American audiences (also, it was easily the best film out of the three Blade pictures).

Marvel has been mulling over restarting the Blade series for some time now, and Wesley Snipes has been rumored to reprise his role. Now, a new rumor is floating around. Bleeding Cool is reporting that Marvel — who has delayed their new Blade comic series starring Blade’s daughter — is considering making the new comic series and the new movie parallel. That means that the next Blade film would feature Blade’s daughter in the central role. Again, this is just a rumor for now, so it remains to be seen what route Marvel is going to take with the comic and the film, and if the two entities will mirror each other.

Anything is better than Blade III, amirite?

(via Bleeding Cool)