Marvel Is Hoping For A Huge Super Bowl With The Help Of Coke And A New ‘Civil War’ Trailer

Marvel has plenty of special goodies in store for viewers during the Super Bowl, especially those who want to tune in to all the pregame shenanigans. The company is not only debuting a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War ahead of today’s game, they’re also teaming up with Coke for a special ad that will premiere during the big game.

According to Screen Crush, Coke announced the partnership and teased the Super Bowl ad by sending out a special set of cans with the different members of The Avengers on the side.

They did a little asking around and it turns out that the two will air something that’s apparently not going to be a trailer:

Since then we’ve done some digging and it turns out Coke and Marvel are teaming up for a 60-second Super Bowl commercial that will air during the second quarter of this Sunday’s game. It will not appear online prior to the Super Bowl, so the first time you see it will be during the game itself.

So there’s this, leaving you likely wondering where the trailer will be then. That will be a separate event near the start of the game, likely before the 6:30 EST start. But wait, those aren’t all the goodies that we’ve seen in the lead up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Over on Twitter, Robert Downey Jr. closed out the week by channeling Disney Pixar’s classic Toy Story to make a failed comparison between Civil War and the relationship between Buzz and Woody. It’s rough because if we’re counting films here, Civil War is going to feature that furnace moment and grown men are going to start crying.

And then we have a special “friendship” video that parodies Facebook’s Friend Day videos that poisoned everybody’s feeds earlier this week. They’re really pushing this split hard, even outside of the official channels. It really chops away at your heart a bit until you remember that they’re fake characters.

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