Marvel’s Head Of Television Commented On How ‘Suicide Squad’s Reception Would Affect Future Plans

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little movie called Suicide Squad. Perhaps you’ve heard of it due to the fact that it’s making a record-breaking amount of money. Or perhaps you’ve heard of it because a lot of people really don’t seem to like it one bit. Maybe you even know about it due to its director screaming obscenities aimed at Marvel. Regardless of how it is you know about the movie, it’s likely that you do. You’ve probably even got an opinion of it of some sort. Most people do at this point. Most people, that is, except for Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel’s TV department.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Loeb about the film and whether or not his team was taking notes in regard to what the film did wrong. Loeb was exceptionally diplomatic in his response.

“No. It’s funny, we actually get asked that a lot,” he said, “The truth is, they do what they do and we do what we do. I tend to sort of think about it like I’m not sure that people that make medical shows look at other medical shows and go, ‘Why is my medical show better than this?'”

It’s a very astute point on Loeb’s part. DC and Marvel will forever have their accomplishments and shortcomings compared to one another. While there are certainly lessons to be learned from one another, both companies are at very different points in the development of their cinematic and television universes. At this point it may be best for Marvel to just keep doing its thing and let DC do theirs. That certainly seems to be Loeb’s plan. That said, if there’s a lesson Marvel could learn from Suicide Squad, it’s probably that it never hurts to find a Margot Robbie and keep her around.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)