Marvel Released A Human-Sized Teaser For Their ‘Ant-Man’ Trailer, So Put Away The Magnifying Glass

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01.03.15 22 Comments

As someone in the comments said yesterday, this is getting ridiculous. Marvel teased us with a tiny ant-sized teaser for their Ant-Man teaser trailer that’s set to hit on January 6th during the premiere of Agent Carter.

I suppose all the people trying to blow up screenshots and making catty remarks about it forced their hand because they’ve now released a “human” sized version for everybody to enjoy (if you can actually enjoy a teaser for a teaser). Now if the actual teaser trailer leaks online tomorrow, much like the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer did a few months ago, all of this will look even sillier.

But still, check this out. There’s plenty of people doing things, some costumed boots running, and Corey Stoll without goofy hair. There’s also some Paul Rudd to go around, meaning we could always try to spoil the real teaser trailer for you all right now.

(Via Marvel)

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