Marvel Yule Logs Give Us A Glimpse Into The Homes Of Iron Man, Ms. Marvel And More

Marvel has just uploaded ten Yule Log videos you’re going to want to have playing in your home this holiday season. Each offers a look inside the living rooms (or ship, as the case may be) of Marvel’s Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

These types of unique Yule Log videos are happening more and more each year and I’m so here for it. Darth Vader has one…of sorts, so does famous cat Lil Bub. Nick Offerman has a whiskey-fueled Yule Log and he just released a New Year’s Eve countdown if you feel like watching him stare at you for an hour, which of course you do.

This year I’ve personally be obsessed with one I found randomly on TV last month. The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel has one called “A Very Happy Yule Log” that includes cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies! If anything was made for me it’s that but then Marvel went and created ten fantastic videos featuring some of their heroes’ homes. They’ve dubbed it “Fireside Heroes.”

Inspired by some of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Marvel’s Fireside Heroes invites fans into the warming scenes of Captain America’s traditional Brooklyn apartment, Ms. Marvel’s humble New Jersey home, Thor’s grand Asgardian chambers, Iron Man’s posh Manhattan penthouse, and the Guardians’ interstellar spaceship.

Play in succession or play your favorite in a loop. Each hour long video transports you directly in the Marvel Universe next to the roaring fire of your favorite Marvel hero as they celebrate the holidays. Plus, fans should keep their eyes peeled and seek out a number of special Easter Eggs that only true Marvel fans will be able to spot. And if you can, enjoy these videos in glorious 4K!

Besides the roaring fires there’s a few other sound effects and other fun things thrown in randomly. (Spoiler: Baby Groot makes an appearance in the Guardians video.) They’ve also provided two versions of each, one with the whole room visible and another that goes closer on the fire. Enjoy and let us know what else you spot!

Captain America’s Brooklyn Apartment

Up Close with Captain America

Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey Home

Up Close with Ms. Marvel

Thor’s Asgard Home

Up Close with Thor

Iron Man’s Manhattan Apartment

Up Close with Iron Man

Guardians’ Spaceship

Up Close with Guardians