A ‘Matrix’ Reboot Is Happening And The Wachowski Siblings Won’t Be Part Of It

According to The Hollywood Reporter, iconic 1999 Sci-Fi film The Matrix is being prepped for a complete reboot nearly 20 years after the original film hit theaters. Reports say that the movie could be relaunched in the same way that the Star Wars franchise has been relaunched, with standalone films and prequels filling in the gaps of the story that many people already know, love, and revisit all the time. That way the movie wouldn’t infringe upon the original story of Neo and all the known facts would avoid being messed with. Which sounds like the best tactic to go with in regards to this plan, if it needs to go forward at all.

What doesn’t sound like a good tactic is making a Matrix movie of any kind without the Wachowski siblings involved. Lana and Lilly, who were previously known as Larry and Andy, wrote and directed all of the prior three movies in the series and it is their unique points of view and stamp on the project that makes the Matrix universe what it is in the first place. As of now, Zak Penn (The Avengers, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand) is the frontrunner to write the script with director options unnamed at this point.

Most interestingly, Warner Bros. will almost certainly look to the younger generation in Hollywood to find a new leading man for the movie, whether it’s a prequel or now. Keanu Reeves, the original Neo, has said in the past that the only circumstances in which he would return to the Matrix universe is if the Wachowskis wrote and directed the new film. So that’s mostly out of the question. Michael B. Jordan is one name that is currently circulating, but whether he wants to participate in another franchise continuation after Creed and Fantastic Four is the biggest question that would probably come up in that casting decision.

The backlash has already begun in fan circles about this potential relaunch, so whether it even comes to fruition in that type of hostile environment is another thing entirely.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)