Matt Damon Wants To Play A Superhero, But Only If Ben Affleck’s Involved

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07.12.16 2 Comments
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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t make quite as much money as Zack Snyder or Warner Bros. hoped, but it was still a super successful movie, and the highest grosser ($330 million) of Ben Affleck’s career. And yet, Affleck remains the Robin to Matt Damon’s Batman — according to Box Office Mojo, Boston’s favorite son has a “lifetime gross total” of $2,951,138,992, compared to Affleck’s $2,192,156,645. They’re $800-something million apart, but Affleck will continue to make up ground, considering he’s set to appear in Suicide Squad (which is going to be huge) and Justice League.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Hollywood stars in a big-budget superhero movie, and Damon’s no exception. But there’s a catch: He’s only doing it if his buddy Affleck is involved. In an interview with the Irish Examiner, the Jason Bourne star said, “I’d consider anything with the right director, but I can’t imagine there are any superheroes left, I think they’re all taken at this moment. If [Affleck] was directing me, I’d jump on it in a New York minute. I’d love to work with Ben.” Damon added, “The problem with Ben is every time he directs a movie, he gives himself the best role in it, so until he’s willing to give up the best role to one of his friends, we’re not going to get on with it.”

That jerk Affleck already claimed Damon’s dream superhero role, Matt Murdock. In 2015, Damon admitted that if “Chris Nolan came up to me and said, ‘I want to do Daredevil,’ I would be in.” That’s unlikely to happen, though. Damon should probably hold out for his backup choice: Daredonny.

His only superpower is knowing where Scotty is at all times.

(Via the Irish Examiner)

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