The ‘South Park’ Guys Allegedly Took Acid At The AVN Awards After ‘Orgamzo’ Came Out

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08.05.16 2 Comments


Orgazmo isn’t Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s best movie (that honor belongs to South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, or maybe Team America: World Police, or possibly Cannibal! The Musical — they’re really talented), but it does have the best stories. Last year, we told you about the time Parker and porn producer Farrell Timlake allegedly switched personas to mess with Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss, Timothy Hutton, and Buck Henry, leading to sentences like, “And at a certain point, I just make like I’m so turned on, like I’m so overcome with how hot the action is, that I unzip and drop trou and jump into it.”

There’s also the time the South Park co-creators wanted to mess with a “TV crew from Germany that were doing a feature on us and we wanted to do like a surrealist art kind of thing and keep pushing the boundaries,” Timlake said. “And we had Matt Stone walking into the middle of an orgy – he was completely naked except he had a book of poetry in his hand – and kept walking in the middle of it and just start saying, ‘Dead bird, dead bird, dead bird.’ Then he’d walk out, served no other purpose other than that.”

Like I said, the best stories. Here’s a new classic.

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