On His 46th Birthday, Let’s Recall The Times Matthew McConaughey Won Your Heart

11.04.15 3 years ago
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If you have any doubts about Matthew McConaughey’s presence on the internet, let me remind you that he’s had a Venn diagram dedicated solely to him. Where’s the Venn diagram for Daniel Day-Lewis or Robert De Niro? There isn’t one. Case in point, the internet thinks Matthew McConaughey is more than alright, alright, alright — the internet loves McConaughey.

Unlike other internet kings and queens who have seemingly risen to the mountaintop of the interwebs from their first emergence in the public eye, McConaughey was just a regular good-looking Hollywood movie star for the longest time. Sure, he was famous in the ’90s and 2000s — when the internet was a very different place — but over the years, McConaughey’s philosophical surfer vibe has matured into a fine wine that we all like to get drunk on… a wine that he likes to pour. Anyway, here’s a look at Matthew McConaughey’s best internet moments on this, the day that his body turns 46.

Those Lincoln commercials.

Holy cow, does McConaughey know how to sell some cars! Fifteen years ago I’m not so sure people would have paid much attention to Matthew McConaughey in a car commercial, but his 2014 debut ad with Lincoln spawned remixes, think pieces, SNL sketches, and Lincoln sold a butt-load of cars. All the guy did was drive around in a few Lincolns, have an existential crisis, run across a bull, and the internet lost its mind.



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