This Childhood Photo Of Matthew McConaughey As A Tiny Cowboy Comes With A Priceless Story About His Mom

Matthew McConaughey uploaded this childhood photo to his WhoSay account last month and hardly anyone noticed. Which is a shame, because it’s adorable. Scroll down for the full version, in which the future Rust Cohle is holding his very first trophy. A trophy he received for winning “Little Mister Texas.” A trophy with a tainted history, thanks to McConaughey’s mom.

McConaughey was on The Tonight Show last night and Jimmy Fallon pulled up this very photo. It turns out McConaughey’s mom told the Interstellar star that he won the competition, and that remained the truth inside McConaughey’s head for more than two flat, circular decades. Until the day he scanned the photo and blew it up on his computer…

It takes a special kind of confidence to orchestrate a resurrection as stunning as The McConaissance has been. If the story above is any indication, Matthew has his mother to thank for instilling the bongo-sized cojones that got him to this point, even if she had to use some loving deception to pad his ego.

Here’s the full photo. If you’re allergic to tiny cowboy charm, it might be wise to pop a bottle or two of Claritin before scrolling down.