Matthew McConaughey Paid Tribute To His Famous ‘Dazed And Confused’ Line With This Perfect T-Shirt

Matthew McConaughey can make anything cool. The man has proven this over and over, flipping our impressions of everything from bongos to fanny packs to car commercials. Now he’s doing the same with tucked-in, pedophilia-inspired movie quote t-shirts.

Paying tribute to the line that launched a million “alright alright alrights,” McConaughey wore a shirt featuring his Dazed and Confused character Wooderson’s famous thesis on high school girls (“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”) over the weekend. Here’s the full shot of McConaughey and wife Camila Alves at the Samsung Galaxy Artist’s Lounge at the Austin City Limits Music Festival:

And because — just as Wooderson would prefer — it never gets old, here’s that scene from Dazed and Confused.