Marvel Supposedly Wants Matthew McConaughey To Play Norman Osborn, Claims Dubious Rumor

Last weekend, we learned that Matthew McConaughey has spoken with both Marvel and DC Comics about a role in a superhero movie, but, as he said, “Nothing has been right for me yet. But I’m sure open to it.”

Now, inevitably, there’s a rumor we don’t quite believe about one role the famed hater of shirts has been pursued by Marvel to play: Norman Osborn (also known as the Green Goblin), according to Braxter Timberlake at Point of Geeks. Yes, Spider-Man is back in the Marvel universe, but we doubt McConaughey would ever play Osborn, especially since he’s already said that nothing he’s discussed with the studios has been right for him.

We’ll believe Marvel asked Matthew McConaughey to star as Matthew McConaughey dressed as Norman Osborn when the news comes down through official channels. For now, we continue to doubt that Marvel has made him any official offers yet. But it’d be a lot cooler if they did.