Max Landis Has Posted His ‘Fantastic Four’ Script And It Sure Is… Something

It’s rather unusual that Fox hired Josh Trank for Fantastic Four in the wake of Chronicle and didn’t hire Max Landis, the screenwriter arguably just as important to the movie’s success. Or so we thought; Landis has posted pages of his Fantastic Four script online and it sure is… something, anyway.

Just like Trank should have perhaps kept his feelings to himself about the movie, Landis doesn’t really do himself many favors by putting this out there. It’s not clear if this was an official draft or something he wrote as a pitch, but it’s pretty much every ’80s superhero cliche packed into four pages.

Granted, it’s not the whole script, just the first four pages. Still, it perhaps explains why Landis wasn’t assigned the job of writing the movie. Besides, he’s doing okay. His next screenplay, American Ultra, arrives in theaters next week.

(Via /Film)