Which McCallister Kid Would Be Most Likely To Survive Being ‘Home Alone’?

11.29.16 1 year ago

20th Century FOX

If Home Alone has a single Christmas message — besides don’t forget your kids and appreciate your family, blah, blah, blah — it’s that heroes are born out of adversity. At the beginning of Home Alone, Kevin McCallister was simply the family runt who couldn’t pack his own suitcase and was denied a single slice of cheese pizza. But by the end of those 90 minutes, he was a survivor. A warrior. A blonde-haired, 9-year-old John Rambo if you will. Sure, it was later revealed that he grew up to be a psychopath, but being deserted by family twice will do that to a boy.

We all know that Kevin defies the odds and proves to his family he’s not completely helpless, but would the other young McCallisters have been so lucky? Let’s take a moment to ponder just how well Buzz, Fuller, Linnie, and the others in the McCallister clan would have fared had it been them who had to defend the home from Harry and Marv.

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